Our Vehicles and Accessories

St Maarten Accessible Tours Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles is specially designed and equipped with you in mind.

From fully air-conditioned buses with hydraulic lift to wheel chairs that allow you access to the beach and many other accessories we will make your vacation as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

We boast a collection of vehicles and accessories that removes any obstacles to your full participation and enjoyment of your vacation. Whether you want to lie down by the beach and bask in the gentle rays of the sun to achieve that tan or you want to stroll along the sandy shore of the beach or simply sit and abosrb the gentle falls of the waves as they arrive to the shore, we have the beach beds, beach chairs and beach scooters to cater to any one of your needs.

If you choose to get some rest indoors then we have clinical 3 position recliners or  if after a long day of fun and activities you wish to get some good rest then we also have pressure relief mattresses.

Our other accessories include: Scooters, Oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines, IV poles, Roll In/Roll Out wheel chairs, Rollators and many others.  If what you require is not mentioned above please be kind enough to mention it and we will do our best to acquire it because your satisfaction is our desire.

Our Scooters
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Our Wheel Chairs
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